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Day late and a dollar short...

Was it Covid? I don't think so, but something got me focused back on a passion that I had toyed with since high school: Production Music. For years I had created and recorded short, quirky particular particular influence...just free, pure expression perhaps. But they always seemed to carry emotional, evocative clues...images were brought to mind and I always felt they could be, should be - soundtracks, TV themes, commercials - I don't know. But I let it pass. Moved on to live bands; cover bands and original bands. Years went by chasing a dream. And then I started thinking about how nice it would be to retire. But what could I do for income? I have the recording gear, hundreds of song ideas etc. So, I dove in and started recording in earnest, updating my system, learning software, buying plug-ins...and submitting to Music Libraries...just like every other stranded, isolated musician on the planet! So the Libraries are overrun and the competition is stiff, but I still feel my quirky little tunes have a place in the world.

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